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CCTV (Sales & Installations), Time & Attendance Systems, Access Control Systems, Epabx Intercom Sytem, Power UPS, Public Addressing Systems.

Our Well trained Maintenance team is euipped with all the tools and tackles to attend to the breakdown Maintenance promptly with bare minimum downtime, It makes us to keep the end users always comfortable.

We monitor the systems and equipments at regular intervals during the operation of the project to ensure that they are operating within the premissible limit and to trace any malfunctions.

Apart from physical monitoring, we monitor the performance and operations of the equipments and systems through BMS / Controls.

We follow “EQUAL RUN HOURS” principle during operation of the equipment to ensure even wear & tear of all equipments. Also, we shall ensure timely changeover of equipments to have control on run hours of equipments.

We ensure relevant / critical temperature & pressure, etc.

We closely monitor any malfunctions and faults, also shall ensure immediate reporting to the relevant maintenance.

We maintain a history card for all the critical equipments. All Failure Data, History of Failures and History of Preventive & any type of reactive maintenance shall be recorded.

Our operation team shall ensure that the run hour’s data is adequately forwarded to Preventive Maintenance Team with PPM schedule. This will enable the preventive maintenance team to plan and execute their Preventive Maintenance Tasks.

We follow a maintenance schedule to minimize break downs.

We maintain and operate all the equipments exactly as per the recommendations of OEMs.

We maintain operational data log-sheets for all the equipments which contain all the important operational parameters useful for performance evaluation. It is also useful in fault analysis and predictive maintenance.